About us

We have run dog training from Orchard Farm for about 20 years. We initially focused on agility and have since moved into helping owners combat behaviour struggles and offering residential training.

In 2019, we expanded and built our new kennels. Since then, the business has grown, and we are now very busy with residential training, boarding, puppy classes, 1 to 1 lessons, agility lessons, life stock socialisation, herding and hoopers.
Our team is expanding quickly. Here’s a bit of information about everyone:

Claire is the head trainer and owner of the business. She is an Absolute Dogs Pro Trainer up to Geek level and has a passion for sports dogs. Claire competes at the top level in agility and has started sheepdog trialling and training scentwork.

Jenie has recently started helping with the admin. She has trained her dogs with Claire for over ten years, competed in agility, and recently began hoopers.

Andrew has recently started helping to care for the dogs staying with us. He has a keen interest in dog behaviour and is an experienced dog walker.

Jennie has been helping to care for the dogs staying with us since early 2021. Claire and Jennie first met whilst working with horses over ten years ago. She has a dog of her own, a rescue belgian malinois called Affy.

Mike and Glenda also live on-site and provide support when needed. They help when dogs are dropped off and collected.

Sara takes agility lessons. She competes at the top level in agility and was the youngest handler to win the Novice Olympia final and a Large Championship Ticket.

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