Online and remote training

Travelling to us may not be practical or beneficial some people, either because of travel restrictions or because your dog doesn’t like to travel or is too nervous to come to a new environment. Since COVID, zoom has become a much more common tool in dog training, lots of trainers and behaviourists are reporting great results and we have found the same. As trainers we have most likely already seen the struggles you are having, we don’t need to see your dog in action to know what to do about the issue.

There are a lot of benefits to zoom lessons

No travelling

Learning from your own home

No need to put your dog in a situation they may not be ready for

Lower cost

We can see your dog in your home and the layout which will help with putting a plan together

More flexible times available

We can give you things to work on at home before starting in-person
lessons or support you long-term through Zoom

The cost is £48ph

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