Residential training

💥This is available for those looking for extra training for specific issues, its great for those who are struggling with day to day living with their dog or who are interested in a specific sport and would like extra training in areas such as Agility and Herding. All packages include a selection of e books and a plan to work on at home. It’s best if your dog stays with us for at least a week. Some of the struggles we can work on are. 

💥Reactivity to other dogs

💥Reactivity to people

💥Jumping up

💥Pulling on lead



💥Lead walking


💥General obedience

We are often asked “what can residential training do that lessons can’t?”  The answer is that by looking after your dog and training them every day we get to know them in much more detail than we would with just a lesson. This allows us to put together a training plan that truly is tailor made for your dog, we kick start the training before showing you how to execute it. 

You will need to spend some time with us on collecting your dog so we can go through the training plan, this is crucial to you being able to implement the training at home. 

Before we accept your dog for residential training you will need to have a 1 hour in person or phone consultation, this will help us to understand what you are looking for from the training and asses whether residential is the right option.

The packages we offer are as follows. 


3 week stay with 18 hours training – you can book extra training if you prefer a more intense package.

1 hour lesson on collection

Training plan to follow on at home 

Lifetime support by phone and email


Sexier than a squirrel challenge

£1234 (£1480.80 inc vat)


2 week stay with 12 hours training 

1 hour lesson on collection

Ongoing support by phone and email


Sexier than a squirrel challenge

£823 (£987.60 inc vat)


I week stay with 6 hours training 

1 hour lesson on collection 

Ongoing support by phone and email


Sexier than a squirrel challenge

£453 (£543.60 inc vat)

💥Review 💥

“Claire has been absolutely brilliant with our youngest dog Ace. Despite being very well socialised as a puppy, Claire noticed that he was running on nervous energy and it soon became apparent that he was very worried and scared about life in general. Scooters, bikes, rubbish bins, trees blowing in the wind and even people carrying scary bags or rucksacks. Claire has shared her extensive knowledge with us and with her ongoing support and advice Ace can now go on walks with no reaction to his surroundings. The residential training works very well and allows problems to be assessed. Its not always easy to see the issues that need resolving during a lesson. Problems are worked on then advice given so you can put it in to action at home. Claire has a real talent for dog training. Ace has so much more fun on his walks now. Thank you Claire you are doing a great job”

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